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Our Mission

Mission Statement: Glorify God by helping students fulfill their potential in Heart, Mind, Body, and Spirit in a nurturing Christ-centered environment.

The Heart is the core of all affections. The Bible uses the term Heart to reference emotions, intellectual activity, volition, morality, and spiritual condition. At OSNAS we feel that the core of most learning comes from the teacher/student relationship. Just as Jesus taught truths that affected the Heart of the person, we follow His model by teaching from the Scriptures that demonstrate truths that cannot be taught from a textbook alone. These truths lead to producing Christian character that results in students who demonstrate generosity in Christian love, integrity in behavior, graciousness in judgment, forgiveness in conflict, kindness in relationships, faithfulness in service, enthusiasm in attitude, industriousness in labor, and perseverance through trials. This fruit takes place in the Heart of the individual through the working of the Holy Spirit.

The Mind is the thinking, reasoning, and planning aspect of human existence, as well as awareness, intellect, and volition or will. Along with the fear of the Lord, it is the source of our wisdom. God’s word tells us to be renewed by the transformation of your Mind. It is our goal to accomplish this task by enabling your child to experience the joy of learning as a God given gift. In addition to providing your child with the best available academic curriculum, he/she will be surrounded with living curriculum teachers, dedicated to the Lord and their calling to teach, motivate, listen and lead by example! OSNAS is here to assist you in your goal to educate the Mind of your child to achieve academic excellence.

The Body, referring primarily to our external, physical substance, is a vital part of human existence, and without it, we would not exist here on the Earth. God’s word tells us that our Body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, OSNAS provides co-curricular activities that challenge the Body, and not only the physical Body, but also the Heart, Mind and Spirit as well. Our athletic motto: “In Jesus’ Name We Play,” is stressed to all participants, which reinforces the qualities of sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, obedience, encouragement, pride, humility and competitiveness, while teaching the Christ-like way to deal with success and failure.

The Spirit is the vital component in man. It is the immortal soul that distinguishes man from all of God’s creation, and is our primary way through which we can communicate with God. It distinguishes the paths we choose in life.  God uses the Spirit in us to guide, correct, encourage, and teach. It is our goal at OSNAS to nourish the Spirit through proclamation, prayer, Bible study, intercession and community. The smaller class sizes at OSNAS gives your child the environment to grow spiritually alongside their classmates and teachers as God continues to work in us all.

The entire ministry staff at Our Savior New American School, including the board members, administration, and faculty is committed to provide a Christ-centered environment for your child to flourish in every area of his/her life. From the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit, it is our goal to see that your child will do all things, “TO THE GLORY OF GOD.”

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